About Victoria Mankoski

With an amazing eye for color, texture, and all the details that create the design, Victoria has been executing residential and commercial design since 2010. One of her most important attributes as a designer is her ability to listen and interpret the desires of her clients. Her mission as a designer is to ensure that each space she designs represents the authenticity of the individual for whom the space was created. She understands and appreciates that we are all unique and extraordinary souls.

She loves all things local. Her favorite part about living in Florida is the beach and seeing what the sky will look like each new day. When she’s not at the beach and in her free time, you will find her exploring something creative from music, to painting, sewing, designing, building, or spending time with her three amazing children. She loves trying new things, being outdoors, and enjoys spending time with family and friends. Victoria is very active in her local church and her children’s school community. She has soul integrity and is a strong, courageous, and passionate woman. She feels deeply, loves hard, and has fun being all that she was created to be. She brings the gifts that she has been given to her local community in a way that no one else can!

“I see myself as a story teller. Clients hire me to write their biographies but instead of words, I use fabrics, furniture, architectural elements, and of course, personal items to them.”

Meredith Heron

Who is Victoria as a designer