1st Edition Living Beyond Ordinary Bundle

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Every detail of this expertly curated interior box has been hand-picked for you. Victoria will be sharing the multi-functional ways to use each unique piece throughout your home. We can’t wait to hear how you love your new, beautiful design details.

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Every detail of this expertly curated interior box has been hand-picked for you. Victoria will be sharing the multi-functional ways to use each unique piece throughout your home. We can’t wait to hear how you love your new, beautiful design details.

After you receive your Living Beyond Ordinary Bundle, you will have the opportunity to subscribe monthly, starting in February, and receive a box every three months with one handmade item per year! Each subscription box will include 6 to 10 unique, high-end, beautiful design details that can be used throughout the year in your home. What else do you get by subscribing every month? A passionate design professional teaching and inspiring you through monthly emails and videos that will include designer tips, tricks, and simple DIY. It’s like your own personal designer in a box! You can also become a member of a private Facebook group where we will encourage and inspire one another.

Through your purchase, you are a part of helping other families love where they call home. Victoria takes a portion of every box sold and uses her talents of design to gift a complete room makeover to a family in need.

Follow along on her social media so you don’t miss out on her most recent projects. Please don’t forget to share on your own social medial and by leaving a review so other people can experience living beyond ordinary.


*The handmade tin wall art in the first edition box will vary from box to box and is a one-of-a-kind item. The wood frame will also vary from box to box.


21 reviews for 1st Edition Living Beyond Ordinary Bundle

  1. Christie (verified owner)

    I am so in love with this box and have totally enjoyed figuring out all of the items first homes😜 – LOVE how I can switch it up with everything🙌🏻🙌🏻! I actually am sooo thrilled with this box that I purchased it for my dearest friend who I have been horrible with delivering my love for her on her bday and Christmas… and she has recently moved and had a baby😬😬😬 – I mean NOT EVEN JOKING – this box covers it ALL!!!!!!❤️

  2. Robin (verified owner)

    Oh my goodness! This is the BEST box/bundle that I’ve EVER purchased. I’m not even sure I can pick my favorite item. It felt like my birthday opening the box as everything was beautifully wrapped with descriptions of different ways to use each item. The personalization was simply amazing. Getting the box isn’t even the end of the experience as I’m also now part of a private Facebook group where I can see how others use their box items and get personal feedback from the designer and curator of the box – Victoria. I’m so happy to be one of the first 100 purchasing this new subscription box.

    I purchased a home decor subscription box last year from a well known company but canceled it because the quality of items received was not good at all, and the unboxing experience was frustrating. The difference between that box and this Living Beyond Ordinary Bundle is on completely different levels.

    I encourage everyone to trust this subscription and subscribe. You WILL NOT be disappointed!

  3. Diane B (verified owner)

    Tory I love everything about this box. From the presentation, all the little notes on each piece and the face that these pieces can be used multiple ways in different rooms. I also love the video to help with the different ways to use all of the items. The quality is outstanding. I suggest everyone get a box you will be thrilled with all the pieces. Always nice to rearrange and spruce up the rooms especially being inside so much right now. I can’t wait to see what the next box brings. This is also great for gifts. Ladies check it out you will Love it!

  4. Erica (verified owner)

    Tory’s knowledge of design is definitely evident in her choices for this box. Things that I would never think to buy on my own look so great in my home! I love her “anthro” style and this box definitely reflects that. I can’t wait to see what’s in the next box and I’m looking forward to having her available through the private Facebook page for my design questions. This is so fun- great job Tory!

  5. lisa

    What beautiful things! I Face timed my mom in NJ and we “unboxed” together. We had so much fun and were amazed by how much thought Victoria put into everything. There is so much heart and beauty in this box. The items are versatile, interesting, and special. They would look great in any home, or they would make great gifts (if you are willing to give anything up)!

  6. Linda Mello (verified owner)

    Tory, your talent is evident in the choices you placed in this first bundle! I love everything and the notes on how to use each one in different ways. I know what I like, but don’t always know how, or if, it will fit in my home. I can use all of these items and I’m looking forward to the next bundle! Thank you.

  7. Stephanie G. (verified owner)

    I am so pleased with the bundle box! Honestly, I was blown away by the attention to details. Handwritten notes, beautiful wrappings, precious idea tags attached to each item. My daughter and I had the best time opening each piece. I can say, no matter your personal style, the items are versatile enough to work in each space. The quality of each piece is definitely higher end–not something you’d get at your local Home Goods or Target 😉 I couldn’t recommend it enough–for you, or a friend!

  8. Rebecca D’Angelo (verified owner)

    I am so excited to receive my first Living Beyond Ordinary box from Free Spirit Designs!!!! Everything was packaged so beautifully!! I love that each item comes with a tag that gives you ideas on how to display them!! It’s so hard to pick a favorite, but I’m in love with the handmade wall art!!! Tory has exquisite taste, and I’m happy to feel like she’s helping me style my home! Head on over to her Facebook page (Free Spirit Designs) and see the wonderful work that she does and how you can get one of these boxes for yourself!!!! ❤❤

  9. Karen Butler (verified owner)

    I literally just shed some tears opening my box! So many personal touches. I felt so loved. Thanks Victoria McCartney!

  10. Erin (verified owner)

    I absolutely LOVED my “box full of wonderfulness” as I described it to my husband. 🙂 Each piece is unique adding visual interest to every room. We moved into our new home in August and have slowly been decorating room by room. We were able to use several items from the box in our living room and kitchen. The rest will be used in the master bedroom. Can’t wait!!

  11. Emily (verified owner)

    I loved my first Living Beyond Ordinary box! I’m impressed with the high quality of each item and really appreciate the ideas of how to use each item in different ways. I don’t love to shop, and usually end up returning most of what I buy, so having Tory’s design expertise and carefully chosen beautiful decor delivered throughout the year is going to be a big help to me. These boxes would also make great gifts as the items are versatile and unique. I highly recommend treating yourself and friends to a Living Beyond Box and subscription!

  12. Addie (verified owner)

    I was sooo thrilled to have my box hand delivered by Tory! It was the highlight of a busy day. To open the box and see these beautiful handpicked items, all specially wrapped, placed and tagged with beautiful handwritten ideas on how to use them around my home! I love this subscription box because I don’t think “outside of the box” LOL. I need help and ideas and a personal shopper! And this is exactly what you are given. I cannot wait for my next box!! What a great gift to keep looking forward to. Thank you Tory XOXO

  13. Shelley Lindsey (verified owner)

    If you are like me—you love the look of a well decorated house, but you just don’t know where to start?! Well, I just got my first Living Beyond Ordinary Bundle Set today from Free Spirit Designs and it is amazing! Such perfect things to go in my house and all hand picked by Victoria, a professional interior decorator. I’m starting the journey of redecorating my home and each item was perfectly chosen to add detail to different rooms. Friends, this lady is the best!

  14. Michelle

    Ok. Here goes:

    LOVE IT!!

    First, I have to say the packaging was perfect! Everything was placed with extra special care and the overall box was the perfect touch.

    As for the contents I love it all!! I haven’t watched the video to figure out what to do with everything yet, but it is all super special. I already know where the tray and candles is going 🙂

    I can’t wait to try out places for everything else too!

    It is so special!! Thank you so much for putting it together.

  15. Maureen C. (verified owner)

    I almost didn’t want the suspense to end, I mean, how each individually wrapped gift was packaged?! I’m a lover for home decor shopping, it’s a passion, but when someone else does the shopping and wraps it up in a pretty parcel like this & I actually adore every item in the bundle?! That’s magical!! So worthwhile! Home run!!

  16. Kristen

    Amazing goodies and amazing service! Victoria leaves a note with each item on how to use it – so thoughtful! I loved everything I received! This would be a GREAT gift idea as well. Thank you again so much, Victoria! Your subscription boxes are amazing!

  17. Brooke Newman

    I absolutely loved my first quarter subscription box SO much! The attention to detail and tender thought put into this box showed up big time the second I opened it up! For the season of life that I am in as a busy mom with young kids, I love the idea of curated items showing up at my door a few times a year that I don’t have to think about in advance or hassle with.

    One of the things that impressed me the most was the versatility and multiple uses that each item has. Tory had so many great suggestions of where to put each item in my house and how to use it best for my style!!!! I currently have the handmade shingle with the vase on my wall with some photos of my family, but eventually it will go in the kitchen and serve as a cilantro holder, per Victoria’s idea!!!!

    I truly love every single thing that came in the box and don’t want to spoil all of the items, but I must say the set of plates and spoons were my favorite. We already broke into them for family snacks, but I can’t wait to host friends and use the plates for charcuterie boards 🙂

    I am also really enjoying the Facebook page and seeing peoples’ questions/tips!! Love the Free Spirit Designs community!

  18. Taylor (Instagram @thingsthatmakeyourheartsing)

    If I am being honest I subscribe to a lot of Subscription boxes. But The Free Spirit Designs box is by far my FAVORITE. Its a beautifully curated box full of unique items to accentuate any home. The items look like they came right out of Anthropologie. And the best part is Tory gives back. She will help design and makeover room for a family that is going through a divorce. Tory has a beautiful eye for design but also has a HUGE heart. I am already looking forward to my next box and I am so grateful to be a part of her design community now.

  19. Anna Myers

    Everything about the subscription box was beautiful, useful and tasteful… From the packaging (every item was uniquely labeled with a cute description and examples for use, it included a sweet handwritten note, and vibrant, fun washitape to give everything a pop of color), to the quality well made items… even to the unique design tips and tricks! I highly recommend making your subscription today!! <3 thank you, Tory, for blessing me with the gift of your eye for design even though we are states away!

  20. Ashlee F.

    I had the opportunity to receive the first edition living ordinary bundle box! From the moment I opened the box, I was blown away by the care and personal touches in wrapping each item and handwritten notes. Each high quality/ curated piece was beautiful. No matter what your home style is, the contents are sure to fit in your home. I loved this box and Victoria truly put her heart and soul into choosing beautiful pieces to add love, texture and comfort into any home! I can’t wait to see what other boxes entail!

  21. Sheri Trawick (verified owner)

    If you haven’t already subscribed either monthly or quarterly stop what you are doing and do it now!!!! You are missing out on the best product bundle on the market today!! Each high quality item you receive comes with a styling tag that gives suggestions for use or location (for those of us who are challenged in this area this is HUGE). Tori has put so much love and personal touches in this bundle its overflowing. I can’t wait for the next bundle to come.

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